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Monterey Country Dance Community Policy on Dealing with Complaints of Inappropriate Behavior


The Monterey Country Dance Community (MCDC) does not condone or permit any behavior at its events which intentionally harms, intimidates or harasses any participant, either physically, sexually or emotionally.

Eye contact and flirtatious looks and gestures are part of the fun of contra dancing, and will not be considered to be harassment unless the attentions continue after the dance is over. Similarly, accidental body contact in the course of a vigorous dance will not be considered harassing, unless it can be shown to be part of a pattern of deliberately planned "accidental" contacts.

Anyone who feels harassed, intimidated or threatened is encouraged to speak to one of the dance managers or any of the MCDC board members. The alleged offender will be informed of the complaint, warned not to repeat the offense, and observed to see that he or she complies. If the offense is repeated or substantiated, the offender will be asked to leave.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone whose behavior has been judged by the MCDC board, or by the dance manager, to be disruptive, harassing or dangerous.


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