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MCDC's sponsors are an important part of our Monterey dance community.  Sponsorship enables our regular dance series, as well as bringing workshops, special events and out-of-town musical and calling talent to Monterey!

Members are individual contributors who contribute in multiple ways, including financial and in-kind donations, throughout the year. 

The MCDC board members wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all of you for your ongoing support! 



Contra Angels 

Todd Weatherford

Contra Stars  

Sam Applegate

Karen Shaffer

Andy Shore 

Contra Dance Gypsies

 Bruce Allen

LisaMarie Battle

Warren Blier

Patrick LeCuyer

Jim Lord

 Jody Schwartz 

Elizabeth Todd

Contra Enthusiasts

 Eugene Sobka

Miriam & George Thorpe 

 Community Members

 Bob Andrews

Michelle Barth

Joe Brown Jr

Teresa Cadman 

 Jean Chapin

Laura Cohan

Catherine Coughlin

 Jody Davis

Lori Davis

Michael Duffy

Teresa Fife 

 Marilyn Garrett

Craig Hemphill

Judith Jugon

Judy Karas

Kluas Krull

Theresa Krull

Brooks Lame'

Bowen lee

Nancy Lenox

Marta Lynch

Rick Macleod

Steve Moyles

Denise Pasle

Juan Quintana

 Mark Sanford

Mary Schaefer

Deirdre Smith

Gayle Stenstrom

Paula Terui

Andy Van Tuyl

Linda Wahler


Thank you all for your generosity and support! 


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