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FM2017 - Registration




November 3rd - November 5th


 Welcome to MCDC's webpage

to register for our upcoming dance

extravanganza ... 


Foggy Moon 2017!!!!

Hello, Fellow Contra Dancers!

This webpage contains the registration form to fill out to attend FM2017.  Separately, you will need to access the payments page to link to the secure webpage to pay the registration fee for this dance weekend. 

If you are having any trouble registering online, please click here to download and print a pdf version of the registration form to mail in with your check.

We look forward to seeing you at our 4th annual dance weekend here in gorgeous Carmel-by-the-Sea, starting Friday, November 3, 2017!

Please Note: The registration fee is $140/person.  All transactions are considered to be nonrefundable; however, prior to September 15, 2017, consideration will be given for extenuating circumstances and any refunds made under such circumstances will be subject to a processing fee ($35.00).  From September 15, 2017 on, any refunds (minus the processing fee) will be dependent upon our ability to find a replacement for you.

Also, please be aware that no differentiation will be made in terms of registering as a single or as a couple.  Our registration and payment processes allow for one person at a time to register and pay.  (If coming as a couple, you can put through one credit/debit card transaction for twice the amount  $280. Just make sure that you include the name of your "other" on each other's registration forms.)

Directions - Registration Form:

Please fill in the following form as directed, or download and mail a printable form with your check here.  Most of the fields are required (the system will not allow you to submit the form if required fields are not complete).  Feel free to email with any questions or if you encounter any problems, at


*For the Attendees Listing, please include the following contact info for me: (click all that apply)
My Address
My Phone Number
My Email Address
Only My Name
Please Note: We do not gender balance. We ask this next question for planning purposes, such as ordering accessories, etc.  Our policy is first-come, first-in registration.*I am: (please choose only one)

In addition to the wonderful food that people bring, we will be offering snacks and things to eat throughout the entire weekend, including some breakfast items (such as hard-boiled eggs, fruit, nuts and granola).  In addition, we are also planning some special "desserts" for the evening dance sessions.  To help us in planning all of this, please respond as best as possible to the following questions.

*How do you normally eat? (check all that apply)
Anything and everything
No grains at all

*With regard to chocolate, please choose only 1 of the following options:
I have no issues with eating chocolate.
I'm allergic to/cannot eat chocolate.
I only eat dark chocolate.
I only eat milk chocolate.
I prefer desserts and treats other than chocolate.
Work Scholarships!

If you are interested in applying for a work scholarship, please answer the following group of questions (please note that work scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis while they are available). If not, please continue on to the final section of this form. Thank you!

The registration fee for those accepted for work scholarships is $80. If you are applying for a work scholarship, please pay the $80 registration fee when you submit your registration form. FM2017's event manager, Catherine Coughlin, will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of your status. (Any questions, contact Catherine at Thank you!
Of the following options, what work can you help us with during the dance weekend?
Setup and cleanup
Food (snack table, etc.)
Registration/hospitality table
Silent auction table

Arrival and Departure Times (please choose all that apply)
I can arrive early Friday afternoon
I can arrive at the hall early both Saturday & Sunday mornings
I can stay as late as needed Sunday evening
I can stay at the hall after dancing each evening
I am only available during dance hours

Almost Finished with Registration

Once you have filled out all required and appropriate fields in this registration form, please click the submit button below 
 to process your registration form.  

Please remember  you will not be registered for this dance weekend event until your registration form is received, and your payment method has been processed and confirmed by our financial service (usually within 5 business days of submission of the payment).

Acceptance for the dance is on a first-come, first-serve basis

Once you are officially accepted (registration form is submitted and payment has been processed), you will receive an email from the event registrar (Russell Frank) confirming and welcoming you to FM2017!!!!  You should receive this email within 8 days of completing your online registration and payment.
We look forward to dancing with you 
at Foggy Moon 2017!

Thank you!!!!